26 Maggio 2024

Dover Team

Patrizia Bonfanti

Patrizia is the founder of the brands "Patrizia Bonfanti" and "Andia Fora".
She takes care of the research of style and, thanks to her great sensitivity towards the world of fashion, she is able to perfectly capture new trends.
Patrizia is considered a master of all trades because she is always able to say what she thinks in every circumstance. She is also able to create avangarde fashion creating shoe collections with essential lines as well as fit.
Her slogan is "less is chic".

Valentina Bonfanti

Valentina, who is Patrizia's sister, is the mathematical and managerial mind of the team.
She has the great ability to relate to the public and she loves socialising.
She deals with customers as concerns billing and proceeds.
Valentina takes care of the important administrative tasks of the company.
Her slogan is "communication is the universal solvent".

Matilde Cavaliere

Matilde takes care of the commercial sector of the company.
Having worked in conveyer for several years, she has the great privilege of knowing well the different shoes, and she has also played a role in quality control of products.
One of her greatest skills is loquacity but also the ability to listen to others, and for this reason is a real point of reference both for customers and for the Dover team, as she is a real problem solver.
Her slogan is "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today".

Francesco Pedeni

Francesco has always been sensitive towards the world of fashion, since his mother was a tailoress. He started in 1995 as a dress salesman but soon became a creative director. He deals with the selling for "Appartamento 50", a Florentine company of knitwear where he has been working for 13 years, as well as for Dover company since 2014.
His slogan is "Find a job you love and you won't even work a day in your life".

Davide Calvani

As the technical director, he industrializes and takes care of the production.
Thanks to his skills, he is able to align his knowledge to the product to be manufactured, creating always new collections.

Riccardo Simoncini

He has a great background in conveyer and knows very well plenty of production machineries since he has been working in the conveyer for many years.
He is the product manager and takes care of the production cycle of shoes.

Michela Caponi

Michela is the manager for the suppliers and purchase of raw materials.
She is a real "supply chain" for the Dover company, as she coordinates in a strategic way the various members of the production chain.
She is a workaholic and scrupulous woman, a person on whom you can rely on.
Her slogan is "Diligence is the mother of luck".

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