16 Aprile 2024

Services and Characteristics

Over the time, the Dover company has matured around itself a team of collaborators that has allowed the creation of increasingly creative and trendy collections.

In recent years it has been characterized by the creation of products Fashion, from always's the company's philosophy has been characterized by production of footwear entirely artisan and Made in Italy with the use of high-quality materials that pass through processing and treatments such as washing, buffering, and diving.

What characterizes the Dover shoe factory is that the attention to details is followed at every stage of the production process with targeted controls aimed to obtaining an image product for a segment market .
Here are the main features, strengths and services of the Dover shoe factory
  • Research on the market
  • Research for state-of-the-art eco-friendly materials
  • Planning
  • Quality and price ratio
  • Internal modelling
  • Internal research
  • Style Lab
  • Internal stitching room
  • Cad -Computered system of modelling and cutting
  • The great history that has lasted for 40 years is synonymous of seriousness
  • Specializing in the manufacture of sneakers:specialized machinery for the creation of this sype of footwear
  • Advanced machines for sewing and pressing soles
  • Ability to find gluing methods for soles and details and solutions made for the creation of sneakers
  • The Dover shoe factory is based on the supply chain there are no "materials" that come outside the shoe factory: the raw material enters and the finished shoe comes out.
  • Speed in execution: from procurement to delivery of the shoe finished only 4 weeks, with the raw material available the shoe are ready in just 2 days.
  • In only 1 day the Dover shoe factory can make 4/5 prototypes.
  • To be able to modify the machines according to the needs of creation of the shoes
  • Multitasking company

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